Daniel's Impressions from France

Daniel's Impressions from France


by Daniel Kompolt

Day 3:

Today we all slept in a little more because of the late night [we went to a party]. Then we went to the beach.

There we saw a seal lying on the shore, and lots of paragliders launching off the dune. One crashed in a patch of tree snags. Lots of people went to help and eventually a helicopter came in and dropped somebody down to help. Took the paraglider away but nobody else knew how bad the injury was. There was also an ambulance that came by the beach, but it left after.

We had sandwiches on the beach for lunch. After we hung out and swam in the pool until dinner, we had pasta and chicken which were both very good.

Then we watched TV, catching the ending of the newest Avengers movie. They asked me about the actors and how to pronounce their names. I thought it was funny when the voices didn't match the real actors, because they had different voice actors for the French version.