Emmett's Impressions from France

Emmett's Impressions from France


by Emmett Williamson

So far our trip has started with a bang, literally thunderstorms on the first night!

Friday the 24th I went with Thibault and Sylvie to the center of Bordeaux to walk around and see the sights. The 25th, Valentin and Thibault's friend joined us as we went to the center of Bordeaux to see "X-Men: Apocolypse." Afterwards we went to the riverfront and watched the "La fête de vin" light show followed by fireworks. While walking back to the car, we had the lovely smell of the national sport, going on strike.

The 26th, Valentin and I went to a "fan-zone" in St. Jean d'Illac to watch France beat Ireland. Today, two more friends of Thibault and Valentin came over. We made lunch and played Pictionary, which ended in lots of yelling.