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How Can ANDEO Support You in the Classroom?

For over thirty years, ANDEO has supported world language teachers and their students by offering programs that provide authentic cultural experiences and language immersion opportunities. Whether you choose to take a group of your students abroad on a homestay program, recommend an ANDEO program to an individual student, welcome international students into your school community, or invite our cultural presenters to your classroom, you can be confident that the experience will be educational, inspiring, and personal.

What teachers are saying:

"More than supporting curriculum, (the cultural presentation program) strengthens and supports the purpose and motivation of kids."  
--Marilyn Fleming, St. Mary's Academy

"I loved watching the students from both cultures interact and get to know each other because they were able to learn how to appreciate their differences and understand how much they have in common."
-Jan Zuckerman, Sunnyside MS

"Jean and Sandrine were a delight. They were gracious, made friends easily, helpful in class, generous with their time. Our school was a richer place for having them with us. Your excellent reputation for finding wonderful foreign students for our families to host has been confirmed.
It was a pleasure.”
--Jon Broderick, Seaside HS

“They did a great job of dispelling the various French stereotypes that I struggle against each year. In addition they were all warm, outgoing, and generous in sharing with our students.”
--Kari Kaldhal, Sandy HS

Every year, we sponsor speakers with experience in French- and Spanish-speaking countries (and beyond!) to inspire language students in Oregon and Washington with fun, engaging stories of life abroad. Our presenters are either native speakers or have experience living and traveling abroad. They are excited to share their stories and insights with your students!

Prices typically range from $1,950 to $3,500 for pure immersion programs and from $2,150 to $4,350 for programs featuring classes, group activities, and excursions.

Program open to high schools and middle schools in Oregon and Washington. Administrator approval required.

2018 Estimated School Program Dates