Semester or Academic Year in Spain

Get ready for the challenge of living with a host family while attending high school in Spain! We offer semester and academic year programs students truly dedicated to "living the language!"

2018/2019 Dates and Prices

Academic Year: Begins fall, 2018
Apply by April 1, 2018

Semester: Begins January, 2019
Apply by: November 15, 2018


Age: 15-17

GPA: minimum of 2.75

Language: at least 3 years of high school level language study

Recommendation from language teacher: Yes

We are looking for candidates who are deeply curious about the language, culture, and everyday life of your host country and want to participate actively as a member of a local family while attending high school. With any homestay program, being flexible about new experiences, foods, and ways of communicating is important, as well as having the maturity to travel independently and adapt to new situations.

All ANDEO homestay immersion programs include:

A homestay with a local host family who is looking forward to including you in their day-to-day life. You will get the most out of an immersion program if you are engaged, curious, and open to all the family activities.
Opportunities to meet local teens, either in your home or in the extended family or neighborhood, who are eager to spend time with you and share cultures.
Support from the local coordinator who will be available throughout your stay to help you make the most of your homestay experience
Orientation materials with information about your host country and practical advice on how to get ready for your cross-cultural adventure
ANDEO staff support for you and your parents throughout the application process, in your preparation, and during your stay abroad
Comprehensive medical and accident insurance

Frequently asked questions about this program

What are my chances of being accepted into the semester or academic year program?
If you have three years of foreign language experience, at least a 2.75 GPA, a true passion for discovering new cultures, and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone, you will have an increased chance of being accepted.

Do I need to be fluent in Spanish or French? What are language requirements?
No, but you do need to have studied French or Spanish for at least three years. We are looking for candidates who are motivated for the rigor and challenges of attending school in another language.

How are host families selected?
All host families are screened by our partners in the country. They go through an application process and are interviewed in their home before they welcome their first student. The application process varies by country, but the goal is the same with all our partners: to make sure that the family can provide a welcoming learning environment for an international student.

Will I have a host sibling my age?
Most likely, yes. We will do our best to match you with a family that has a teen close to your age.  However, your host family may have younger or older children.

Will my host family speak English?
They might, but they know that you are coming to use and improve your language skills, so they will encourage you to converse in the language of your host country. There may be times when they will want to practice their English with you. See this as an opportunity to give back and create a true exchange!

What if I don't get along with my host family?
Often personality clashes are the result of unaddressed miscommunications. We will first seek to clarify the issue and find a resolution all together. Occasionally, some students and families prove incompatible. A move is most often the result of unforeseen personality clashes or insufficient information about either student or family. For this reason, we ask you to be as complete and candid as possible in your application form.

Can I get high school credits for study abroad with ANDEO? 
Possibly. Talk to your teachers or counselors.

What kind of assistance will I receive while I’m abroad?
There is a strong network of people working together to ensure your time abroad is successful. This includes the program coordinator at ANDEO, your parents, our partner organization abroad, your host school, and your host family. Our partner organization abroad will keep us in close communication, and we will communicate with your parents.

What about taking SAT’s while abroad?
If you choose to take your SAT’s abroad, you will be responsible for finding a testing site. It will be much more convenient to take the SAT’s prior or after your study abroad experience, which is what we recommend.

Can I go home to visit my family or can my parents visit me?
No. Visits disrupt the immersion experience. If your family wishes to visit, they should plan to meet you after your program is completed. In this instance, ANDEO should be informed of your family’s plans so we can communicate with our partners abroad.

Can we select a certain city or region?
We are unable to take your location preferences into account. Our priority is to identify a host family and community that are the best match for you.

Do you offer any scholarships, financial aid, or special discounts?
We offer a discount for students whose families have hosted an exchange student through ANDEO or participated in a short-term program abroad.

How will I access money abroad?
Bring an ATM/debit or credit card. Most cards are accepted at ATM machines abroad and this is by far the easiest and most convenient way to access money.

What if I get sick or injured?
You will be covered by comprehensive medical and accident insurance while abroad.