Adios Ecuador

Adios Ecuador


We started our morning by going to a food market. We got to see new fruits, tons of vegetables, fish and other seafood, all sorts of meat (some of the girls were turned off by what they saw) and tonsof other stuff. We tried sweet plantain chips and spicy ones, we ate things that don´t have translations to English. We ate and then walked back to the school where we ate some of the unknown fruits. Then it was lunchtime and we ate some more (very little actually since we were so full).

We went to our last day of classes. Each of the girls got a certificate stating what level of fluency they are at.

Then we were off to a frozen yogourt place for more food. As I´m typing this up I wonder if we will have room for our last dinner in Quito. 

The girls had something planned for this evening with their host family and then we are off to the airport bright and early starting pickups at 2:00 a.m. See you all tomorrow evening! Enjoy the last pictures.